Travel information

Own transport
Lauwersoog harbour is situated in the North of Groningen, close to the border with Friesland, and on the N361 motorway.
If you�re coming from Leeuwarden, follow the route for Dokkum/Lauwersoog. It's not allowed to bring your car, motorbike or moped to Lauwersoog. In exceptional circumstances you can request exemption from the Schiermonnikoog Council (tel: 0519 535050). This should be arranged several weeks before your planned stay.
You will find two large car parks at the harbour. Allow extra time for parking your car and buying ferry tickets.

Public transport
Lauwersoog can easily be reached by public transport. Take the train to Groningen or Leeuwarden Central railwaystation. From Groningen busstation (next to the railwaystation) you can take bus 163 and from Leeuwarden busstation (also next to the railwaystation) bus 50, to Lauwersoog ferry terminal. Unfortunately not all buses connect properly with ferry departure times. You can find more information about public transport on the website:

The ferry
The ferry service between Lauwersoog and Schiermonnikoog is run by Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten. On average there are 4 crossings per day. Extra crossings are provided during the holiday period and on public holidays. These extra crossings can be found on the Wagenborg website. ( and on the NOS teletext page 723. If you have specific questions you can call Wagenborg Passenger Services on 0519-349050. You can place your baggage in the special bagage trailers. These trailers are unloaded first on arrival.

Transport on the island
The boat will arrive at the harbour wall of Schiermonnikoog, about 3 km from the village of Schiermonnikoog. When you arrive you will find buses and taxis waiting to transport you further. You can book a taxi in advance: TaxiDrent, tel. 0519-531400. For both Samar and Op � D�n, the most convenient bus stop is the chemist�s shop Kolstein situated on Langestreek.

The postal address of Samar is:
Langestreek om de Noord 20, 9166 NX Schiermonnikoog

The postal address od Op � D�n is:
Noorderstreek 18, 9166 NR Schiermonnikoog